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Free Android Video Sharing App
 January 11th, 2012

Free App: Private Video Sharing

We may not always want that soccer-field snippet of Bobby or Sue going to Facebook. Maybe we only want Grandma or a cousin to see it. Now, Givit is offering a free Android app that lets you share selectively.

You can even control who can forward your videos to others once you share them (maybe nobody!).

Check out the details about Givit’s new free Android video sharing app, and how to download it.

Have a Blackberry device? Don’t miss my post on free Blackberry apps.

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Native Gardening in San Diego: Free App
 March 1st, 2011

Pollinator Partnership has a free app for the gardener that helps you attract pollinators (birds, bees, and butterflies) to your garden.

Put in your zip code and draw from a database of more than a thousand native plants to find ones that grow well in your area. Decide who you want to attract. Hummingbirds? Bees? Butterflies? Moths?

You’ll be able to browse colorful photos, make notes, and take advantage of other useful features of the Bee Smart Gardening App from Pollinator Partners. What fun for the techie (or not so) San Diego gardener.

Pollinators are important to California’s fruit, nut, and other farming. Help provide them a habitat by planting in a way that supports them.

Find out more about all the functions of this free native gardening app for your Android phone from Pollinator Partnership — and get yours here.

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