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Cheap Greetings, Cheap Wrap
 December 2nd, 2012

Cheap Christmas cards

cheap holiday cardsWhether for Christmas or any time of year, greeting cards are getting pricey. Fancy ones can run you $5.00 or more. Sure, you can get a few in the cheap section, but how often are cards glanced at briefly and tossed? Well, people may hang their Christmas cards or set them out, but are high priced cards really worth the money? Only you can answer, but other than very occasionally, I quit buying cards. That doesn’t mean I don’t give them. Read on.

I have given to enough charities that they send me free greeting cards and free Christmas cards each year in the mail. Sometimes the cards are sent as  as a gift for donating. Other times they provide an incentive to donate more. Do you also get these? Whether you donate or not, consider making these your greeting cards. Some have traditional greetings (Happy Holidays, get well, thank you, happy birthday). Others have pretty nature photographs, cute sayings, or profound quotations. Often, they’re empty inside, which allows me to write my own greeting. Why fill the landfill with these freebies (or gifts for your donation)? Send them along to friends and family. If I don’t have any that are specific for the holidays, I use the blank ones with a personal holiday message.

Cheap  gift wrap

As you can see from what I’ve said above, I’ve taken to getting practical. Why use wrap that’s ripped off and tossed (plus costs $$)? Here are some cheap (but classy) ideas for gift wrap.

Use a towel. Who doesn’t need an extra towel? A jumbo size towel makes a fabulous wrap and is one of those great gifts that keeps on giving. You could even get a matching wash cloth and twist into a bow.

Use a scarf. How chic is that?

Use a baby blanket. Every mom can use an another.

Other ideas for wrap that’s part of the gift:
Tablecloth, a decorative trash can, a household bucket, plant pot, coffee pot or cup, bowl, re-usable shopping bag, etc. Get creative. Practical is always appreciated.

Wrap your gift and recycle too; You’ll go green with gift wrap

I have used shopping bags from stores, magazine covers, pretty tea bag boxes (other product boxes would also work). Some holidays, I’ve dressed up plain brown paper grocery bag wrap with colorful magazine cut-outs. With the holidays come all sorts of cute cut-out pics. Look on the coupon sheets delivered with your newspaper for a zillion cute Christmas pictures that make great Christmas cut-outs you can combine with either cut-out sayings (happy holidays, Merry Christmas, Joy to the World), or combine them with your own. Children especially enjoy getting these unique free gift wraps, but they’re suitable for adult age big kids too.

Get the kids involved during their winter break. You’ll keep ‘em busy doing something productive that also promotes green living.

I think this gift box from a cereal box might also be fun.

~ Sheri McGregor, Editor/Publisher San Diego On The Cheap

Got any cheap tips,  you’d like to share? Send ‘em in via the contact form or leave a comment.

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