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Free teachers’ event
 September 30th, 2012

educators' night out free eventEducators’ Night Out at the New Children’s Museum is a free event in San Diego that will help educators learn some hands-on art projects that will help teachers encourage students’ creativity. The event is open to charter school teachers, home schooling representatives, public school teachers and more.

Have a look at this free Educators’ Night Out event at the New Children’s Museum.

You’ll need to register ahead so they have a good idea who is coming and how many. That way, the New Children’s Museum can be prepared for the turnout that shows up Thursday October 4 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Free Museum Admission Sept. 29
 September 18th, 2012

Museum Day Free Admission

How about a little culture and fun? The 8th Annual Museum Day is September 29th. Do you have your Museum Day Ticket yet?

What a great way to celebrate fall, when it’s all about back-to-school and stimulating those brain cells (before the Halloween candy rush, the Thanksgiving turkey snooze, and the Holiday rush all set in. . . ).

Here in San Diego County, several museums are participating in Museum Day. There may be a few you’ve never heard of. You and a friend can get in free with the Museum Day ticket on September 29 at local spots. Learn a bit about San Diego, its history, its art, and its people’s fascinations at plenty of museums to choose from. Last year, San Diego on the Cheap prepared a complete list, including those listed below. Double check with the museum site to verify participation this year.

Oceanside Museum of Art

Mingei International Museum

Calfiornia Center for the Arts in Escondido

Creation and Life History Museum in Santee

Back-to-School: Brush-Up or Beginner Software Deals
 September 2nd, 2011

Educational Banner 30% Off - 125x125

Kids need to know more than ever to keep up with school’s fast pace. Thankfully, there are software programs that make learning fun, and really do work. My younger children had the Reader Rabbit programs when they were young, which helped them get ahead in reading, spelling, and vocabulary — all while having fun. Seriously, they didn’t know they were being taught. They just enjoyed learning!

Broderbund offers educational software including Reader Rabbit, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, Oregon Trail, Carmen San Diego, Arthur’s Math Games and many other fun learning software. Face it. The kids like media. Why not provide an educational pastime that helps them in school as well as keeps them busy? Especially with a 30% off sale! Preschool programs also on sale.
Educational Banner 30% Off - 125x125

San Diego on the Cheap is an affiliate partner to some of the daily deal sites listed here. They show gratitude for my referrals in the form a small fee. This allows San Diego on the Cheap to keep bringing you the deals!

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The Lorax, Free Dr. Seuss Activity Book
 August 31st, 2011

free Dr. Suess bookDr. Seuss is part of our city history … and if we’re lucky, the San Diego author is also part of our adulthood. We can revisit our favorite characters (mine is the guy who’s so afraid of the pale green pants!) when we share the stories with our kids. Now, you download a free Dr. Seuss activity book featuring the Lorax.

Still Free: Harry Potter Cookbook
 August 10th, 2011

Harry Potter CookbookHarry Potter in San Diego — San Diego kitchens, that is.

Get your free Amazon Kindle edition of the Harry Potter Cookbook with summertime recipes. 256 pages, free Kindle download.

Right now, with the release of the latest in the Harry Potter movie series, everything Harry Potter is hot, hot, hot! So are summer days — so get your free Kindle download of the unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook and whip up some summer recipes.

Jo-Ann Stores Teacher Appreciation Days and Club
 August 9th, 2011

This weekend, August 13 and 14, Jo-Ann stores offer a 20% discount to all teachers (just show your current teacher I.D.).

All year, if you enroll in the Jo-Ann Stores Teacher Rewards program, you’ll get 15% off, plus a special 20% off coupon. San Diego area teachers put a lot of time and effort, and often their own money, into teaching. Jo-Ann Stores appreciate you!

Free kids crafts
 July 26th, 2011

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Lakeshore Learning gives your little ones something do. Every Saturday from 11am to 3pm, San Diego area children can participate in free, fun hands-on activities then take the crafts home.

Upcoming free crafts include:

July 30 – Under the sea scenefree kids crafts San Diego

August 6 – Space Craft

August 13 – Dinosaur puppets

See a more complete list of upcoming free kids crafts classes at Lakeshore Learning, and find your nearest location so you can get your kids a-crafting for free.

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Make a soda pop box folder
 July 26th, 2011

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How-to: Make a One-of-a-kind soda box school folder
by Mia McGregor

A new school year is coming up and that means the annual, sometimes dreaded, school supplies shopping trip. But don’t be too eager to spend your money. Some of these school time necessities can be made right at home! If you have soda boxes lying around (which you probably do this time of year), try using them to create a one of a kind school folder.
Make a soda box folder.

Supplies needed:

  • 2 soda boxes (the one for the folder needs to be a long soda box, the other one can be smaller since it’s only for the pockets)
  • Clear Packaging Tape
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Tracing device
  • 15-20 minutes
  • Old store bought school folder (optional)

Step 1: Take the large soda box and cut through it along one fold. It will no longer be a box.
Soda box school foldermake your own soda box school folder

Step 2: Cut off all the ends of the box, and set them aside.
It should look like this:
soda pop box school folder

Step 3: Move on to box number 2. Repeat step 1, this time cutting it into four pieces. Do not cut the ends off of this box.
make your own soda box school folderdo-it-yourself soda box foldermake a school folder

Step 4: Back to box number 1. Cut it into the size folder that you want. The old school folder is helpful here because you can simply trace around it and cut to the right size. do it yourself school folder

Mine ended up being about 12 by 9.5 inches.

*Note: If you stop after this step, you will have a simple file folder.

Step 5:make a soda pop box school folder Time to make pockets using the second box. Take one of the thinner pieces and measure and cut it to pocket size. Then, trace around it on another piece and cut out your second pocket.

crafts make a school folder

Step 6: Here is where we tape the pockets to the folder. Keeping the ends to wrap around the back will provide more support. I cut mine to about ¼ inch. Slowly tape the pocket to the folder, using small pieces of tape.

I find big pieces harder to work with because it’s easier to mess up and create air bubbles and a bumpy surface.

Step 7: Use the tape on any fragile areas, such as the handle area with the dotted lines, folds, and any torn spots. The more tape, the sturdier the folder will be, and the longer it will last!

Step 8: If you would like, use the extra cardboard pieces to create additional pockets (for smaller items like flash cards). Or hole punch the folder, so it can fit in a binder.Get creative and make this do-it-yourself soda box folder your own!

make a soda box school folder

Step 9: You are all done! Come the new school year, everyone is going to want to know where you got that folder. And nothing feels better than being able to say, “I made it myself!”If you like this post, Like San Diego on the Cheap on Facebook.

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Back-to-School: Save money on School Supplies
 July 16th, 2011

With five children, I’ve seen – - and purchased – - my share of school supplies. I’ve also learned a thing or two about saving money on them.

* First, think ahead. Don’t wait till the last minute to get those supplies. The first day of school creeps up. The kids and I were often disappointed when we went to the discount store we thought would have everything only to find the shelves a half-empty mess of leftovers. Avoid the disappointment by planning ahead. Save money on school supplies this way too. A lot of the stores have sales on school supplies starting five or six weeks before they’re needed. And the early sales often offer the most savings. As the school days draw near, the discounts often decrease. So go early for the most significant savings.

* Check your list. School supply lists are readily available ahead of the year through individual schools or districts. Some office supply stores also have the lists. Get the lists ahead, and check carefully for what’s actually needed. Your student may not need a new pencil holder, and you might find a stack of brand new pencils your student won from teacher’s reward programs or holiday programs last school year. Don’t replace what you don’t need. If your kids are anything like mine, you likely have one that uses things gently and has a stash of extra school supplies. Ask that child to share.

* Make your own. Get on the go-green bandwagon and help your child re-use the box from a 12-pack of soda for a folder. A little tape and some ingenuity and your student will have a one-of-a-kind item that’s also a conversation piece. An older child might also make a their own pencil holder. Finding patterns, ideas, and instructions for school supply crafts also provides a valuable lesson in using the Internet for good. There’s a wide world of information on the web, and knowing how to search and find interesting and helpful information becomes a primer for research for school reports and papers clear into the college level.

* Fix and repair. Does your child really need a new backpack? They do take a lot of wear during the school year, but you may be able to sew on a patch or fix a zipper and save money that way. Older children can do this themselves, and create a one-of-a-kind look. Perfectly good pencils with worn-down erasers become new again when you slide on cap erasers. What ideas do you have to make existing school supplies good as new?

* Buy in bulk. For things like paper you know will need replacing all year, take advantage of good deals now so you won’t be caught off guard when things are not on special later.  Once home, designate a place for the extras so supplies are easy to find when your child needs them last minute come mid-school year.

* Study the sales, and help your child learn to stretch a dollar. Perusing a stack of weekly store ads (which often include coupons — use them) with your students allows you to show the kids how much prices can differ store-to-store.

* Use coupons with the sales. Manufacturers know the kids need supplies, so you’ll often find relevant coupons this time of year. If you combine those with the sales, you can come out way ahead.

Won’t you help other San Diego on the Cheap readers save on school supplies? Leave a comment about how you save money. And if you like this post, Like San Diego on the Cheap on Facebook.

Back to School Deals: Staples
 July 6th, 2011

To help with some of those back-to-school supplies, Staples has a couple of fab coupons. Use the links below to get these Staples coupons and save money on back to school supplies at Staples.

75% of one HP paper product

75% off one Uni Ball product

Coupons good through 7/9/11.

UCSD San Diego IDEAS symposia
 February 19th, 2011

Get a creative energy and intelligence boost at the 50th anniversary of the UCSD IDEAS symposia this week. Beginning Tuesday, February 22, learn about  some of the innovative ideas coming out of our local UCSD. We hear so much bad news in the media – - here’s a chance to see some of the best ideas and how they can be put to use for good in our world. At the Price Center at UCSD. Admission is free.

Find out more about the IDEAS Symposia at UCSD in San Diego.

Fleet Week Big Bay Family Festival in San Diego
 September 16th, 2010

Big Bay Family Festival, Free fun on the Bay San DiegoWouldn’t it be interesting to get on board a Navy ship, or talk directly to the men and women in uniform who make those ships their home during military service? This weekend, you get the chance at the Big Bay Family Event.

Saturday and Sunday, September 18 & 19 from 10 am to 4pm at the B Street Cruise Terminal, you’ll have the opportunity to tour Navy ships, see military demonstrations, view exhibits, and enjoy the spectacular music of military bands.

Are you a patriot? Get on out to this free event. Bring the kids (special kids’ zone on site), and support our troops.

Find out more about San Diego’s Big Bay Family Festival (a part of Fleet Week).

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